marzo 2013

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New to and don’t know where to start? Looking for just the right theme, or wondering how to use all the features in your dashboard? Interested in creating a website, not a blog? Or perhaps you’re ready to do more on your site, from adding image galleries to using built-in tools to connect with the community — and the world.

On our new tutorial site,, you can get the help you need to create the site you want and get it up and running right away.

Learn — our tutorial site — gets a facelift!

We’ve completely revamped and reimagined with lots of new content to help you get the most out of your site, including detailed guides to tasks like:

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Echoes from the Vault

This week sees the anniversary of the birth of both William Morris and Jessie M King, so it seems appropriate to celebrate by devoting the latest Inspiring Illustrations blog post to our 1904 copy of The Defence of Guenevere and Other Poems, written by Morris and illustrated by King.

The Defence of Guenevere and Other Poems, written in 1858, was Morris’ first book and one of his best-known works. It is said to be the first book of Pre Raphaelite poetry to be published.

Jessie M. King was one of the most important Scottish illustrators of the 20th century and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. In 1885 Francis H. Newbery became the new director and headmaster of the School. An important figure in the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland, Newbery believed in equal opportunities for women in art. He saw the importance of…

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The Blog

We dive daily into the Reader of just as many of you do, sifting through the latest posts like we’re foraging in a vast forest. One of the things we love about this community is the diversity: from brave pieces of memoir to political commentaries to observations on overseas experiences, there’s something to read for everyone.

A glimpse at longform writing

Right now, there’s just so much to read on the web. We’re big fans of sites like Longreads and Byliner, which curate longform journalism and magazine articles meant to be “read later” and savored away from our desks. And so, in addition to the wide range of topics, perspectives, and writing styles we look out for, we dig for and discover longform writing — stories and musings that take longer to unravel — published on, too.

Think narrative nonfiction or engaging journalism. An open letter or a personal essay

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