Echoes from the Vault

For our New Year post it seems appropriate to look at some quintessentially Scottish images. There are some images of the Scots that we prefer to avoid, however, so rather than look for pictures of drunken parties or whisky bottles, we’ve opted instead for a quick look at the way the Scots have portrayed themselves over the last 300 years or so.

The Union of England and Scotland took place in 1707, and was followed just under 40 years later by the final defeat of the Jacobite cause with the defeat of ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ at the Battle of Culloden, which led effectively to the demise of the traditional highland society, the highland clearances and subsequent mass emigration.

In this period there was also a trend in ‘polite society’ towards the adoption of a British identity, partly characterised by the eradication of ‘rough’ northern inflections of behaviour…

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