Echoes from the Vault

Greetings from the Scanning Suite here at St Andrews’ Special Collections, home of our two Bookeye scanners –including our brand new Bookeye 3 colour scanner!– and the three Reprographics Technicians who operate them.

Here are a few notes about our operation. The bulk of scanning fulfils a contract the University holds with Tanner Ritchie Publishing, the Canadian outfit behind Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online, or MEMSO. A quick scroll down the Recently Published list on the Tanner Ritchie homepage reads very familiar to us here as every e-book listed on the site has come through our hands. Most of the books are from series of British records, such as the 17th century Journals of the House of Commons, the seemingly innumerable volumes of Calendar of State Papers from various times and places, and the more specific series of documents such as the Exchequer Rolls of…

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