Echoes from the Vault

Pasilia, Helsinki, Finland. These first two days at the grand pow-wow of the world’s leading librarians has been intense and great, and has also come with a small learning curve. Yesterday, 11 August 2012, was the first day of the congress, although still technically a pre-conference day (unbeknownst to me). All of the sessions that looked interesting title-wise (Rare Books & Manuscripts, Cataloguing, etc. etc.) were followed by the initials “SC” in the congress booklet (referred to locally as “the WLIC Bible”). Upon entering my first session on cataloguing at 09:30 yesterday morning, I realized that “SC” meant “Standing Committee” and that the session was open to witnesses of the meeting of different IFLA section meetings. This was, at first, a bit jarring, as I had come prepared to listen to papers on policy or strategy, and instead I got to witness decision making in action. I quickly realized…

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